Welcome to our home page.  The Magic Geyser is an incredible invention that makes the task of heating water quicker and cheaper. Photo of magic geyser It is designed for rural or informal communities where access to power is restricted, and heating water for hygienic purposes is difficult and cumbersome due to the sometime inefficiency of solar, or the lack of an electrical geyser installation.



So what is the Magic Geyser?

This incredible invention will heat 5 liters of water to +-60 degrees C in under 6 minutes on an existing primus or gas cooker.

The Magic Geyser is portable, cost effective and durable – and uses a scaled down version of industry deployed and highly efficient  heat transfer principles to change how  communities heat water for personal hygiene.

Photo of people holding magic geyser

Not only does it save you time but it also saves you money.  Heating 5 litres of water to 60 degrees C in a cooking pot can take up to 20 minutes, but the Magic Geyser will do the same in under 6 minutes, and the 70% reduction on carbon fuel usage will lessen the impact on our environment

Conceived, designed and proudly manufactured in South Africa, the Magic Geyser provides nationwide opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs.  Your $15 donation will supply an under privileged family with one Magic Geyser,  or help one micro-entrepreneur to earn 5$.

The Magic Geyser is ideal for :

  • Rural and off the grid communities.
  • Corporate social responsibility gifts,
  • Community assistance groups.
  • Natural disaster recovery.

Photo of man holding magic geyser


To donate a Magic Geyser to a registered charity for distribution to those who need it most then click the button below.

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Or  if you are a charity in need of Magic Geysers for your community please contact us .

Instant Hot Water Like Magic