The magic geyser specs are detailed below.

So how is it made?

The Magic Geyser is made from a high quality stainless steel milk pail that is hard wearing and impervious to heat. The heating coil is aluminium and is connected to the pail by means of a permanently sealed union.

photo of magic geyser on specs page

Safe and easy to use.

The outlet tap of the Magic Geyser is designed so that hot water always flows downwards into the hot water receptacle, and will never spew out under pressure and scald someone in the near vicinity.

photo of magic geyser nozzle   Tap openedPhoto of magic geyser nozzle two   Tap closed

Heating coil specs.

The recessed heating coil is designed so that heat from the stove will collect around the coil. Water inside the Magic Geyser remains cold whilst the water is being heated in the heating coil, making the Magic Geyser extremely safe for use in confined spaces where the risk of the geyser being knocked over is heightened. The outlet pipe on the inside part of the Magic geyser has been raised from the bottom of the water receptacle so that the water will never run completely dry whilst on the heat, a small amount will collect at the bottom of the container to prevent overheating when small amounts of water are heated.

Photo of lady holding magic geyser

Instant Hot Water Like Magic